Hello everyone!Welcome to my blog! My name's Jeannie and was born in Penang Island.I'm hard of hearing since I was 2years old.I’m an out-going, hardworking, responsible, and active girl.I able to communicate through speak with my family.I should wear my hearing aid during talk.Furthermore,I able to sign language too!Can I hear through people's voice or talk?Yes,a little,but sometimes don't understand what people talked.I should read people's lips properly.Don't worry!I try to do in my best! I believe God will guide me the ways in my precious life. ^^ I was graduated from KDU,Penang.My studied diploma in Digital Art and Design course.My course really interested!I'm only hard of hearing student in my class!I always try to communicate with hearing students through write on notepad and speak of both.They are friendly and helpful!

I am currently work as a web and graphic designer.I love my job! I am also available on a freelance designer..

I’m partially hard of hearing, I can sign, speaks and lip read as well. I’m friendly and cheerful. Because of my hearing impairment I know I have to work harder to succeed. I want prove that I’m hard of hearing people are not disabled but differently able. We can still serve the nation and be of good use to my family and society.

My pursue dream wants to be an artist or professional designer!This blog you can find out about my life,my artworks,jalan-jalan cari makan :D,bible study and deaf culture and a lots.